Revenge for real and online too

„WebSite Story” is the first feature signed by Dan Chișu, a movie that speaks about protecting one’s identity in a world more and more suffocated by technology. „WebSite Story” also approaches the all-times generation clash marked by lack of communication, a paradoxical fact in a world in which communication technology makes a great breakthrough. Dan Chișu’s production received the Award for Best Experimental Film by the Union of Filmmakers in Romania, in 2010.

WebSite Story by Dan Chișu - CINEPUB

Director: Dan Chișu
Scriptwriter: Dan Chișu
Cast: Crina Semciuc, Diana Gurscă, Oreste Scarlat Teodorescu, Dragoș Bucur, Florin Piersic Jr.
Produced by: Dan Chișu, Ovidiu Gyarmath (associate producer), Marius Moga (associate producer)
Cinematography by: Ovidiu Gyarmath
Film editing by: Dan Chișu, Claudiu Trif
Year: 2010
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 82 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  The film is not available in: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia.

133,220 – Cinepub viewers


In a world where any teenager can film with their own mobile phone and post all kinds of things on the Internet, Laura, an 18-year-old girl, spends a night in a club with her friend Mira. She gets drunk and smokes her first joint. In the morning she doesn’t remember anything and discovers that her friend Mira has died. She wants to find out the truth, so she discovers all of Mira’s posts on YouTube. Her life adventure starts here. She wants to avenge Mira’s death at all costs. Her story of revenge finally returns on the Internet, the place where it all began.

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Dan Chișu’s first feature approaches a very topical subject: the impact of technology and the way it fascinates young people to the same extent to which it makes them vulnerable. Mira is a high school student who becomes a victim of this very danger technology can become when it is used in order to cause harm.

There aren’t many Romanian films that have approached the subject of technology and the eventual harms that can be generated in the virtual space, which makes Dan Chișu’s feature a welcome piece in the selection of Romanian films online on Cinepub platform.


“What do you have to do with that slut?
She is not a slut, she is my friend.”
“Wait a minute, I didn’t get it: What do you mean, if I was your child?”
“Honestly, what’s your problem? I tell you everything and you don’t give a damn about my life!”
“And now a question for daddy, no shouting or screaming: Why don’t you take me as I am?”
“How come you don’t know how to use it?
I don’t use guns, I sell them.”


  • Mons International Love Film Festival – Belgium, 2010
  • Filmfest Hamburg – Germany
  • The Festival “Nouveau Cinéma” of Montreal – Canada, 2010
  • The Valladolid International Film Festival – Spain



  • Grand Prix, Mons International Festival of Love Films – Belgium, 2010
  • Public’s Choice Award, Montréal Festival of New Cinema – Canada, 2010


  • Best Experimental Film, Romanian Union of Filmmakers – Romania, 2010