Cinepub is dedicated to all film lovers. It is a project that aims to bring to the audiences not only films of well known directors, but also independent productions made by those with a real passion for film but at the beginning of their careers.

We are trying to bring Romanian films closer to the audiences with the help of these stories told through images. A film is meant to touch us in a way, no matter if we hate it or love it, to challenge or inspire us. Thus, Cinepub connects us with different stories in life. Day by day.

Cinepub is the only free online platform dedicated to the Romanian cinema, legally streaming films, a project established by GAV* in partnership with Google, founded in 2015 by Lucian Georgescu

* GAV – Communication agency, specialized in offline and online content, a pioneer in cultural marketing in Romania.

Lucian Georgescu - CINEPUB Founder

Dr. Lucian Georgescu has a Master in Litterature (Elements of pre-cinema language in the Brancoveanu’ Medieval Chronicle/Bucharest University, Faculty of Litterature/1992), a PhD in cinema (The Road Symbol In Jarmusch’ cinema/UNATC/2006) and is the Senior Professor of the Screenwriting Chair at UNATC, Bucharest. Member of UCIN (Romanian Filmmakers Association), FIPRESCI, EACWP, SRN, NAWE, guest lecturer at Ohio State University, Cincinnati University, Scuola Holden in Torino, his research focus is on the road movie genre and the critical analysis of the ”DYI method” – the three acts structure paradigm. Paper peer reviewed presentations  at the SRN Conferences in Copenhagen, Brussels, Potsdam-Babelsberg, academic texts published by Intellect Books, Taylor&Francis and Edinburgh University Press.

Extra-academic activity in advertising (first Romanian creative to be appointed as the CEO of an advertising multinational in Romania – BBDO/1999; nominated at the IAA Hall of Fame in Brussels) and cultural marketing (2001, A Peace Odyssey – together with Emir Kusturica; Sibiu 2007 European Cultural Capital). Founder of the unique FVOD cinepub.ro, producer, screenwriter (Mimi, Night within a day, Keep an eye on happiness, The Phantom Father), director (Mimi, The Phantom Father).

Books: Jim on the Road, Chats about Screenplay (together with Dumitru Carabăț, UNATC Press), Creative Writing (coordinator, TBA). Editor and/or translations: Frédéric Beigbeder – 99 Francs (Pandora M), Barry Gifford – The Phantom Father: A Memoir (Balkanski Books), David Bohm – On Creativity and On Dialogue, Steven Maras – Screenplay: Theory, History and Practice (TBA).