About free spirits.

About Iulian Mihu, as he was. About us, as we are - documentary by Laurentiu Damian

Director: Laurențiu Damian
Scriptwriter: Ana Marina Constantinescu
Cast: Violeta Andrei, Irina Petrescu, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Julieta Szönyi, Liliana Tudor Iorgulescu, Radu Boruzescu, Adriana Lupu, Gabriela Nasta
Produced by: Editura Video
Cinematography by: Dănuț Pădure
Film editing by: Cornel Tudorache
Year: 2009
Category: documentary
Duration: 40 minutes
Subtitles: English

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The personality of director Iulian Mihu is being evoked by some of his co-workers and friends in a documentary signed by Laurențiu Damian.

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The Romanian director and scriptwriter Iulian Mihu was known for a series of auteur films. The most known of them was „Felix and Otilia”, an exquisite and formalist adaptation after the novel written by George Călinescu.

Laurențiu Damian said about the Romanian director that he was a „lovely fool” and that he was „born at the wrong time”. Mihu was claiming at some point that only two movies made by him from a total number of 15 films were uncensored.