A beautiful story of a robbery.

When a thief decides to steal the bag of a clumsy driver on a busy afternoon, he remains stuck with the victim in the car and a relationship develops between the two. „Life’s Hard”, directed and written by Gabriel Sîrbu is part of the selection of Romanian short films highly appreciated both by the public and in festivals.

La drumul mare de Gabriel Sîrbu

Director: Gabriel Sîrbu
Scriptwriter: Gabriel Sîrbu
Cast: Andi Vasluianu, Claudia Prec, Gabriel Spahiu
Produced by: Fundaţia Arte Vizuale
Cinematography by: Marius Pândaru
Film editing by: Dana Bunescu
Year: 2007
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Duration: 20 minutes
Country: Romania

472,439 – Cinepub viewers


A thief enters a woman’s car trying to steal her purse while she is waiting in her car at the traffic light. Noticing the police nearby, he decides to remain in the car. Then he decides to help the woman improve her driving skills until… she can’t take it anymore and gets off the car. Will she get rid of him? In the end, whom gets rid of whom?

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„Life’s Hard” starts from a funny premise – what happened if a thief would manage to steal the bag of a female driver and then would become her co-pilot in the Bucharest’s terrible traffic?

The result is Gabriel Sîrbu’s film in which the director wants to develop a functional or non-functional relationship between a man and woman who, apparently have nothing in common. The only thing that they have in common is the car bearing the beginner’s sign that they drive here and there in the jammed city.

Edited by Dana Bunescu and starring Andi Vasluianu and Claudia Prec, „Life’s Hard” is one of those Romanian shorts that build situations worth talking about long time after watching. And that one ends up mentioning in the day to day life.


“Come on, easy, put it into first!
“What are you doing? Change the gear!”


  • Opera Prima Award of the Romanian Filmmakers’ Union – Bucharest, Romania, 2007
  • Audience Award & Special Awards of the Jury, Premiers Plans Festival – Angers, France, 2008
  • The Ellen Award, Aspen Short Film Festival – Aspen, USA, 2008
  • Best Short Fiction Award & Audience Award, Anonimul Film Festival – Sfantu Gheroghe, Romania, 2008
  • Producer’s Award, IPIFF Festival – Constanta, Romania, 2008
  • Best Fiction Award, 7Arte Film Festival – Romania, 2008


  • UCIN Opera Prima Prize – Bucharest, Romania, 2007
  • Jury Special Prize & Public Award, Premiers Plans Festival – Angers, France, 2008
  • Ellen Prize, Aspen, International Short Film Festival – Aspen, USA, 2008
  • Short Film Fiction & Prize, Anonymous Festival – Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania, 2008
  • Producer Award, IPIFF Festival – Constanta, Romania, 2008
  • Fiction Award, 7Arte Festival – Romania, 2008