The filmmakers among themselves.

“The Romanian film has all the dramas. We had soup drama, now we are filming the sink drama,” that’s how Dan Chişu describes, in a humorous manner, the short film “Why me?” ( One of those rare short films that focus on the film itself, a comic short with thriller accents, a humorous story, full of sarcasm and suspense.

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Director: Dan Chișu
Scriptwriters: Dan Chișu
Cast: Emanuel Pârvu, Alex Bogdan, Tudor Istodor, Andrei Huțuleac, Ovidiu Niculescu
Produced by: Dan Chişu
Cinematography by: Andrei Gheorghe
Editing by: Cătălin F. Cristuţiu, Claudiu Nicolae Trif
Category: short film
Genre: comedy, thriller
Year: 2016
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English

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„Why me?” focuses on some of the aspects of the New Romanian Cinema, using its own aesthetics. The short film describes the ridiculous situation three filmmakers create when all their paths to “glory” seem to be blocked. The only solution they find to their problem is an extreme one.

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The first scene of this short film is a combination of suspense and humor: three youngsters, about whom we find out later that they are filmmakers, keep captive in the kitchen, with a paper bag on his head, a person who can decide on kidnappers’ destinies. All this is happening in an apartment situated in a block of flats that is being renovated – a subtle choice, ironic towards the New Romanian Wave.

„Why me?” is interesting to watch several times for the multitude of small ironies towards the Romanian film industry system and towards the aesthetic concept of the Romanian internationally multi-awarded films.

A particular film in Cinepub’s category of Romanian short films online.


„Behind the lines, there are nicely exposed (as an outsider would put it) on the wall, A4 prints with movie titles and names of the directors. The printer and the scotch, outsiders in this story too, do their job the best they can.” (Carmen Corbu –


„Excuse me… But the letter is a bad idea. We tried it before. They’re not watching our films much less the letters.”


  • Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Anonimul International Film Festival – Romania, 2016