When nothing else works say… Our Father.

Our Father is a short film by Sergiu Lupșe which was screened at NexT Film Festival in 2014. It presents a short encounter of two strangers that would rather not spend time together, but they are forced by the situation. They end up speaking about… Our Father.

Director: Sergiu Lupșe
Scriptwriters: Adrian Cârlugea, Claudia Negrea
Cast: Lucia Mărneanu, Raluca Eremei, Adrian Sitaru
Produced by: Ioana Lascăr, Daniel Iftene
Cinematography by: Claudiu Bizău
Film editing by: Ioana Lascăr
Category: short film
Genre: drama
An: 2013
Duration: 7 minutes
Subtitles: English

251,116 – Cinepub viewers


Two young women meet in an empty parking lot by the side of the road. Two strangers at opposite ends of the same moral and religious line. Before they each follow their own path, both women converge on the issue of faith.

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Produced during a dramaturgy workshop organized by The Theatre and TV University (Cluj-Napoca), Our Father is a Romanian short film directed by a young filmmaker who develops a realistic story, but doesn’t totally follow The New Romanian Wave path. An encounter by the side of the road is developed in a realistic style, and the well-written dialogues describe a world not often seen in Romanian short films.


“It is a generation without a reference, defined by lack of culture and materialism, that Sergiu Lupșe’s short film (produced during a dramaturgy workshop) speaks about” (Florian Rareș-Tileagă,


“I just need to call someone to come and pick me up. Please.
Got any money?”

“Yeah, that asshole left me on Dumbrăvii Street, as you exit the city. Second or third parking, don’t really know.”

“Fuck those cigarettes, they’ll just make you sick. And it’s a sin.”


  • Zubroffka International Film Festival – Poland, 2015
  • New Romanian Cinema, Making Waves – USA, 2014
  • Leeds International Film Festival – Great Britain, 2014
  • Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • Victoria Film Festival – Romania, 2014