Not today… Unfortunately, exactly today!

”Not Today”, by Cristina Iliescu, is a Romanian short film that speaks about the problems a couple has to confront. Presented at NexT International Film Festival (Festival Friends section), ”Not Today” shows the evolution of a relationship in only 15 minutes: from an apparently happy couple to two adults that can’t stop criticizing each other.

Not Today - Cristina Iliescu - CINEPUB

Director: Cristina Iliescu
Scriptwriter: Stanca Radu, Cristina Iliescu
Cast: Adina Lucaciu, Andrei Aradits, Maria Rădoi
Produced by: Cristina Iliescu, Radu Lopotaru
Cinematography by: Radu Lopotaru
Film editing by: Cătălin Cristuțiu
Category: short film
Year: 2015
Genre: drama
Duration: 14 minutes
Subtitles: English

520,050 – Cinepub viewers


Iulia, Tudor and their little daughter, Maria, are coming back from the holiday spent together in Austria. They seem a happy family, but a banal stop at the gas station creates a situation that shows the real problems of the couple. Iulia and Tudor are first parents, then only two adults in a (not happy) couple and in the end… parents again. Two adults that don’t have much to say to each other. Only that they have a child together.

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How many times you’ve said: Not today? But exactly today it happens. The pipe in the kitchen is broken. You have a flat tire and you need the car. You are locked inside the elevator. An unfortunate event can create a domino effect which ends up in a storm. A storm that shouldn’t have happened today.

”Not Today”, the short film by Cristina Iliescu, speaks exactly about this storm. Iulia and Tudor seem a happy couple. When Iulia locks, by mistake, their three years old daughter in the car, the couple’s unspoken problems are revealed.


”What’s white and soft in the sky?”
”I locked Maria in the car.
Yeah, so?
She’s locked in the car with the keys inside.
How the heck did you leave the keys inside?”

”What planet are you coming from, Iulia?”

”I’m not saying I’m perfect. But it’s not my fault that we are still 500 km away from home with the kid locked inside the car. So don’t blame me she’s crying!”


  • Brussels International Film Festival, International Competition – Belgium, 2015
  • NexT International Film Festival, Festival Friends section – Romania, 2016


  • Best Short Film Project, Midpoint Central European Script Center – Czech Republic, 2010