58 cents for a new life.

We present you a short fiction film signed by Camelia Popa, a story about social categories and prejudices, about bad entourage and broken relationships.

58 cents - by Cornelia Popa - CINEPUB

Directed by: Camelia Popa
Cast: Paul Ipate, Alexandru Suciu
Script by: Salex Latma
Producer: Studio Indie Productions
Year: 2017
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 23 minutes

683,834 – Cinepub viewers


Two prisoners of different ages and social categories are released from prison on the same day. Their fight for reintegration is a fight against their own nature, societal prejudices and the former entourage’s temptations of an easy life.

More details:

Two detainees are released from prison. Their chances of reintegrating into society start with 58 cents, the road money they receive when they are released. The stories of the two people of different ethnicities and ages are very similar: the temptations that appear, the stigma, the entourage and the violent past that follow them, and their struggle to stay away from another conviction.


  • Best Director – Cluj Shorts Film Festival, 2018
  • Best Shorts Competition / Award of Special Merit Mention, 2017