Redecorating a couple

Tudor Aaron Istodor, selected for the Shooting Stars program in Berlin International Film Festival, plays the role of Robert, a salesman who is more than polite to Ana, a woman who came in the hardware store to shop with her boyfriend.

Bricostore by Andreea Păduraru - CINEPUB

Director: Andreea Păduraru
Scriptwriters: Andreea Păduraru
Cast: Klara Tompa, Tudor Hristescu, Tudor Aaron Istodor
Produced by: Anca Puiu
Cinematography by: Tudor Mircea
Editing by: Mihai Vasilache
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Year: 2007
Duration: 21 minutes
Subtitles: English

46,641 – Cinepub viewers


Ana and Paul use their break at work to shop in a house & garden department store. Paul is on the phone most of the time and Ana is the one talking to the salesman. Is he just being nice in trying to help her?

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If you’ve ever wondered when things start to go wrong in a relationship, when the first crack appears and why no one noticed, „Bricostory” certainly captures such a moment. He is always busy with his job, she is ignored and this seems to have been going on for some time between the two and it also seems that she doesn’t protest against it.

Yet, she signals the problem in a way as subtle as possible, while also efficient: by giving a response at the thin border between readiness and irony to the overtly flirtatious attitude of the sales guy. „Bricostory” belongs to the category of Romanian shorts in which the situation comedy is exploited at the maximum level.

The film is an excellent choice for the lovers of Cinepub’s Romanian shorts online collection.


„…what was supposed to be a happy moment or at least an ordinary one, proves to be a revelatory one for an apparent crisis inside the couple. A crisis that is emphasized through the presence of a third party, the salesman with a comic-absurd behavior who has a crush on Ana.” (Ionuţ Mareş –


„Three and one more, that way”. Yes. Got it. Bye.”

„How much?”

„What’s this guy doing?”

„What are you doing? Come on, tell me, how much did he say? You said green, right?”


  • „Curta Cinema” International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, 2008
  • „Belo Horizonte” International Film Festival, Lisbon – Portugal, 2008
  • NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2008