The greatest present

Directed, written, produced and edited by Răzvan Dü, „Her Birthday Present” – an animation film – represents, alongside with „Crooked”, directed by Tudor Botezatu, the selection of Romanian short films for the One Minute International Film Festival, Filminute, the 2017 edition. Răzvan Dü was the winner of the Jury’s Special Mention in the 2016 edition of the same festival.

In the festival there were screened short films coming from 16 more countries: Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Denmark, France, Iran, Mexico, Philippine, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UK and U.S.A.

„It is always fascinating to see how concisely, concretely and profoundly do the 1 minute films reflect the world we live in. From various crises and threats to humanity, to the modern human being in search of the truth and understanding in relationships, disease and even the afterlife – we see so many current aspects of our lives reflected in film, many times in unexpected ways”, stated John Ketchum, co-founder and the executive director of the festival.

Her birthday present by Răzvan Dü - CINEPUB

Director: Răzvan Dü
Scritpwriter: Răzvan Dü
Cast: Ana Udroiu, Laur Drăgan
Produced by: Răzvan Dü, Ionuț Gighileanu & Bogdan Mosorescu
Film editing by: Răzvan Dü
Year: 2017
Category: animation short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 1 minute
Subtitles: English
Territories:  –

1,754 – Cinepub viewers


A short film that humorously shows the dark side of relationships.

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The short film „Her birthday present” is a breakup story. On the way shopping for her birthday, he finds out what would be the greatest present for her. The choice to present the topic as an animation film brings the story that kind of comic or derisory note the director Răzvan Dü wanted. A special short film to be accessed in the list of Romanian short films online at


„So, tell me where should I leave you?
What?!… We’re going to Auchan, right?
No, I’m going to Auchan.
I’ve packed your stuff.”


  • Filminute, The International One Minute Film Festival, 2017