After twenty years.

„Half shaved” is Bogdan Mureșanu’s director debut. It was screened in an impressive number of festivals, showing the audience a story about the meeting between past and present in Romania. It is one of the two successful Romanian short films of the director.

Tuns, ras si frezat de Bogdan Mureșanu

Director: Bogdan Mureșanu
Scriptwriter: Bogdan Mureșanu
Cast: Victor Rebengiuc, Alexandru Georgescu, Michel Horațiu Bob
Produced by: Barbu Bălășoiu, Victor Dumitrovici, Bogdan Mureșanu
Cinematography by: Barbu Bălășoiu
Film editing by: Andrei Bălășoiu
Category: short movie
Genre: drama
Year: 2012
Duration: 12 minutes

238,708 – Cinepub viewers


At the beginning of 1991, after the Romanian Revolution, an old barber meets by chance his former torturer who came in for a shave. Quickly, the parts are inverted though the client refuses to acknowledge that he has been recognized. He says it is a mistake but to no avail; the barber is convinced he is right and he is wishing for revenge. Will he spare his former torturer?

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Bogdan Mureșanu’s first short film presents a meeting between a torturer and his victim, giving the chance of finally switching the roles. In Romania of the 90’s, shortly after the Revolution, a barber identifies, in the client sitting on his chair, his ex torturer from the communist period. With the desire of revenge and a razor in his hand, the barber slowly tells his tragic story from the communist period as the razor goes up and down the customer’s face.

The director wishes to show the clash between the new and the old order in a short movie that is part of a wave of new Romanian short movies which present the transition that Romania went through due to political changes. Cinepub offers free streaming for this short film and other short Romanian films online.


„You look familiar…but I can’t tell where from.”

…nowadays people don’t have money for haircuts anymore.

„What would you believe, if after twenty years, your wish finally came true?”

„Blood and pee, that’s all you leave behind: a pool of pee and a bucket of blood.”


  • Montreal World Film Festival – Canada, 2013
  • Oaxaca FilmFest – Mexico, 2013
  • Northern Wave, International Film Festival – Iceland, 2013
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival –Great Britain, 2013
  • Cinequest Film Festival– USA, 2013
  • Cleveland International Film Festival – USA, 2013
  • Reggio Film Festival – Italy, 2013
  • Maremetraggio de la Trieste International Short Film Festival – Italy, 2014
  • European Film Festival of Lille – France, 2014


  • Best Script, American Film Festival – USA, 2012
  • Best Short Film – Anonimul International Independent Film Festival– Romania, 2013