Is there love after death?

„Start Anew World” is part of the omnibus film „4 shorts: Black Heart Histories” (alongside with „Kowalski”, „Dying from a Wound of Love” and „It Can Pass Through the Wall”). „It would have been difficult to find a more eclectic collection of short films than this quad of aces that bets everything on one card: death”, said Mihai Chirilov, TIFF Artistic Director. „Start Anew World” was part of the official selection of Brest Film Festival in 2014.

Start Anew world by Luiza Pârvu - CINEPUB

Director: Luiza Pârvu
Scriptwriters: Toma Peiu
Cast: Florin Penișoară, Olimpia Melinte, Ioan Ardelean
Produced by: Toma Peiu, Luiza Pârvu, Dan Chișu, Adriana Răcășan
Cinematography by: Shan Jin
Editing by: Luiza Pârvu, Tudor D. Popescu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2014
Duration: 24 minutes
Subtitles: English

45,827 – Cinepub viewers


Pennsylvania, 1908. Romanian immigrant cobbler Petru greets his cousin’s wife Ana in their New World home, with silent affection. Before he wins her heart, however, he needs to break a piece of news that will change her for good.

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Shot in the United States, with a script by Toma Peiu, „Start Anew World” creates a particular atmosphere of 1908 Pennsylvania. The film takes place in one location: the house where Petru welcomes Ana. The news he has to bring her can be felt in the air, the emotional burden is showed subtly through the double-meaning dialogue. One of those Romanian short films that subtly builds up the subject, while every look, gesture or word uttered add up to the heavy atmosphere between the two.


„That state of euphoria, when you see that Romanians can do what foreigners can and that, at last, we enter the ranks of the much-praised West, is in fact the state of being you experience multiple times when you watch Romanian film shorts.” (Florian-Rareş Tileagă –


„What did you spend so long talking about?”

„I told him that you’re Pavel’s wife and that you will be living with us.”

„You said it right?”


  • Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • Timishort International Short Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • Brest European Short Film Festival – France, 2014
  • VGIK International Student Film Festival – Russia, 2014
  • „Kino Pavasaris” International Film Festival in Vilnius – Lithuania, 2015
  • NexT International Film Festival, Festival Friends section – Romania, 2015