Transylvania without Dracula. Who imagined something like that?

A road-trip to Count Dracula’s state ruins our protagonist’s preconceptions and gives him mundane things to see. „Have a nice trip” is a feature film signed by Robert Ralston and presents in a comic way the protagonis’s coming-of-age in a foreign country.

Have a nice trip - Robert Ralston - CINEPUB

Directed by: Robert Ralston
Cast: Kriszta Bíró, Felix Theissen, Tibor Pálffi
Screenplay: Robert Ralston ,Felix Theissen,
Producer: Robert Ralston,  György Durst
Production: Gute Filme
Cinematography by: György Boros
Film editing by: Christof Schilling
Music: Christian Lutz, Ben Abarbanel-Wolff, Kanizsa Csillagai
Year: 2004
Category: Road Movie
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 76 minutes
Subtitles: english

21,521 – Cinepub viewers


When Martin, a young German, discovers that his father has died in Romania, he sets off in search of his deceased father and a little adventure. Rather naive and full of preconceptions, Martin expects exciting encounters with vampires to be the rule of the day in Transylvania. But instead of Count Dracula, Martin finds himself up against the mundane worries of the Carpathian state.

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What he thought would be a short trip becomes an extended odyssey through the former Eastern Bloc country. Instead of Count Dracula, Martin meets a Romanian couple, Imre and Agi. Involuntarily bound to each other, they start the search. A funny and sadly grotesque comedy placed in Transylvania, a country that is known for its prejudices, mundane worries and emotions. „Have a nice trip” is a low-budget comedy full of surprises in which the main character’s German bookkeeper sensibilities come face to face with the simplicity of Hungarian-Romanian life.


  • Kinofest Lünen, 16.11.2006 – 19.11.2006
  • Zurich, Zurich Film Festival, 02.10.2006 – 08.10.2006
  • 7th Port Townsend Film Festival, 15.09.2006 – 17.09.2006
  • 5th Tiburon International Film Festival, 09.03.2006 – 17.03.2006
  • Bradford International Film Festival, 03.03.2006 – 18.03.2006
  • Tromso Internasjonale Filmfestival, 17.01.2006 – 22.01.2006
  • San Francisco, Berlin & Beyond Film Festival San Francisco, 14.01.2006 – 18.01.2006
  • Hof, Internationale Hofer Filmtage, 26.10.2005 – 30.10.2005
  • Newport Beach Film Festival, 21.04.2005 – 30.04.2005
  • Solothurn, Solothurner Filmtage, 24.01.2005 – 30.01.2005
  • Film Festival Cottbus, 02.11.2004 – 06.11.2004


  • Port Townsend Film Festival, Best Feature-length Narrative 2006
  • Hof, Internationale Hofer Filmtage, Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2005