How much one is loved by one’s neighbors.

A teenager’s mother comes home after a short absence from the apartment she shares with her son. Written and directed by Adrian Sitaru, awarded at the short films festivals in Lisabona, Uppsala and winner of Best Short Film (Gopo Awards), „House Party” is a movie about the mother-son relationship.

Chefu by Adrian Sitaru - CINEPUB

Director: Adrian Sitaru
Scriptwriter: Adrian Sitaru
Cast: Tania Filip, Clara Vodă, Natașa Raab, Elena Ivancă, Emilian Mârnea
Produced by: Monica Lăzurean-Gogan
Cinematography by: Adrian Siliștreanu
Editing by: Andrei Gogan
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Year: 2012
Duration: 18 minutes
Subtitles: English

91,312 – Cinepub viewers


Neli (55) goes to Bucharest for a few days, while Dan, her 17 year old son is left home alone. On her return, her neighbor friends rush into welcoming her and disclosing into the smallest detail, spicy aspects of the party that Dan organized in her absence. Soon after, Neli’s meeting with Dan creates a different perspective on what she thinks she knows about her friends from the block.

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The humor in Adrian Sitaru’s movies is most of the times surprising. The dialogue is tremendously funny, the director making full use of the counterpoint: the characters mean exactly the opposite of what they say.

Also, the domestic setting is always an asset that the director uses: whether it’s a trivial block of flats or a kitchen, he subtly transforms it into a real scene for his actors. „House Party” is no exception in this respect, on the contrary, it is one of the shorts made in Sitaru’s already established style.


„Dan’s a good boy… Yesterday, he and four of his mates spent the whole day cleaning the place.”

„Lasses… lads… and smoke so thick you could have sliced it with a knife.”

„Hi, Mom… You’re back?”

„They’ve already spilt the beans? Unbelievable! Damn informers!”

„And who called the cops?”
„I don’t know.”


  • Rotterdam International Film Festival – Netherlands, 2012
  • Vilnius International Film Festival „Kino Pavasaris” – Lithuania, 2012
  • Oberhausen International Short Film Festival – Germany, 2012
  • Transylvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2012
  • Leeds International Film Festival – UK, 2012
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Greece, 2012
  • Cork International Film Festival – Ireland, 2012
  • Hamburg International Short Film Festival – Germany, 2012
  • BFI London Film Festival – UK, 2013
  • Festival européen du film court de Brest – France, 2013


  • Onda Curta Award, Indie Lisboa International Independent Film Festival – Portugal, 2012
  • Grand Prix Uppsala – Sweden, 2012
  • Special Mention, The International Short Film Festival of Cyprus – Cyprus, 2013
  • Best Short Film, Gopo Awards – Romania, 2013

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