Leave me so I can leave you.

Watch „In the fishbowl”, a short film produced by UNATC, signed by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu. The film was screened and awarded at Cannes Film Festival, Cinefondation section.

In the fishbowl - Tudor Cristian Jurgiu - CINEPUB & UNATC

Director: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Cast: Ionuț Vișan, Maria Mitu
Screenplay: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Producer: Cătălin Drăghici, Nicoleta Daraban
Cinematography: Adrian Grigorescu
Sound: Ioan Filip
Editing by: Dragoș Apetri
Year: 2012
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 21 minutes
Subtitles: english

9,570 – Cinepub viewers


George and Cristina are trying to break up. But, despite their efforts and violent fights something keeps them together.

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Looking at all my notes at some point, I’ve noticed a pattern that repeats itself: many couples, regardless of their age, break up and then come together, break up again and reconcile at a very fast pace. I’m very interested in this story, that I’ve started In the fishbowl and I would like to go on with it in a feature film. (Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, aarc)


I did, Cristina. Ive read it. No, I didn’t.

After I kill myself, I’ll come and haunt you.


  • Cannes International Film Festival, Cinefondation
  • TIFF – Transilvania International Film Festival
  • NexT – Next International Film Festival
  • Anonimul International Film Festival
  • CineMAiubit, 2013
  • Short Film Festival, Uppsala, 2014
  • “Premiers Plans” Film Festival, Angers
  • Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv
  • Dilema Veche Festival


  • 2013 – Cannes Festival – Cannes International Film Festival, Cinefondation – Third Place Honor
  • 2013 – Zagreb Film Festival – award for best short film
  • 2013 – Student Film Festival «Geo Saizescu», award for Best Fiction film, Best Screenplay, best female actress (Maria Mitu)


  • Interview with Tudor Cristian Jurgiu –