Vera” is the humorous story of an unlucky young man who finds himself in the quest to find a partner for the night. An production, starring Irina Noapteș and Anghel Damian.

Vera - short film directed by Dorian Boguță - online on CINEPUB

Directed by: Dorian Boguță
Script by: Dorian Boguță
Cast: Anghel Damian, Irina Noapteș, Adina Galupa, Gina Dan, Ionel Stoica, Ariclia Dumitru, Dragoș Dumitru, Daniela Cafrita, Adina Botan, Leanca Pană, Vlad Logigan, Ionel Papuc, Dragoș Neamțu
Cinematography by: Vivi Dragan Vasile RSC, Liviu Pojoni jr.
Producers: Dragoș Bucur,
Scenography: Alexandra Ungureanu
Editing: Dana Bunescu
Sound: Alexandru Dumitru
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: drama. comedy
Duration: 27 minutes

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When a 20 year old boy, Mihnea, gets rejected by his girlfriend he tries to overcome his frustrations by seeking solace in a prostitute he hires, but his luck seems to run out even with her. However, he accidentally stumbles on a girl in the most uncommon place. Things seem to look up for Mihnea for once, but fate seems to have a mind of its own and the events that follow take an unexpected turn.

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The film’s Romanian premiere took place at the Transilvania International Film Festival in 2015, and the international premiere was hosted by Mons International Festival of Love Films, the same year. The film was shot by Vivi Drăgan Vasile, one of the most well known Romanian DoP’s, who is known for films such as „The Moromete Family” (1987, d. Stere Gulea), „Filantropica” (2002, d. Nae Caranfil), or „Occident” (2002, d. Cristian Mungiu).


  • Transilvania Internațional Film Festival – TIFF 2015
  • Mons International Festival of Love Films 2015