Tarantino à la roumain

“Killing Time” is a Romanian film with paid assassins, gunshots, walls covered in blood and all the rest of accessories specific to Tarantino’s recipe. Nevertheless, Florin Piersic Jr. leaves his own fingerprint in the mono/dialogue, which flows as a background of the film, placing the action in a relationship with the more or less philosophical approach on life and death.

Killing Time by Florin Piersic Jr. - CINEPUB

Director: Florin Piersic Jr.
Cast: Cristian Ioan Gutău, Florin Piersic Jr., Olimpia Melinte, Daniel Popa, Florin Zamfirescu
Produced by: Florin Piersic Jr., Dan Burlac, Andrei Crețulescu, Cristian Nicolescu (co-producer)
Cinematography by: Cristian Stan
Film editing by: Florin Piersic Jr.
Year: 2012
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 100 minutes
Subtitles: English, German
Territories:  The film is not available in: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia

37,893 – Cinepub viewers


Two hitmen wait for their next target in an empty apartment. The hours go by. Little by little, they start losing their patience and their temper. Innocent jokes turn into sharp ironies. Insults become threats. Pretty soon, they may even lose their lives. Killing time can be a deadly affair. Blood will shed.

Director’s statement: “Killing Time has its starting point in a simple cliché, in a situation already seen in countless other films. This is why, during the first scenes, it features more than one clind’œil to some classics of the genre. But the film wants, in fact, to reach a less explored area and to tell a story about life and death in a completely different way.”

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Florin Piersic Junior has written and directed a Romanian film à la Tarantino. It is a film with assassins, a lot of blood, frothy dialogue, one of those Romanian films that are not afraid to follow a recipe, but they do it well. The plot is simple: two paid assassins have to kill the assigned victim who is late in coming back home. The “Moldavian” assassin goes on and on (about Superman, Spiderman, Batman’s sexuality, about the women he is involved with etc.), which utterly irritates the other assassin (played by Florin PiersicJr.) who is dealing with a humane problem: his child is undergoing surgery.

By the classical American model, he is, therefore, the assassin with a still functional emotional side, while the other one is a killing machine. You should watch the rest on, the Romanian films online platform, which has justly listed it in its selection of films.


“It’s really a two-man play, which could show on stage, but, with Piersic Jr.’s inclination to film head shots, slowly and exclusively (there is practically never more than one person on screen), it’s more effective as a film than it would be on stage.” (Becky Tan, )


“After all, a cup of tea hasn’t killed anyone.”
“Man, I saw when he kicked the bucket.”
“Spiderman is an impotent. An impotent and a fag.”
“Please, let nothing bad happen to my kid. I’ll be good.I’ll be good.”
“You only have a couple of hours left to live.”
“C’mon, the angel is waiting for you, arms spread open. Wings spread open.”


  • Warsaw International Film Festival, Free Spirit Award section – Poland, 2012
  • Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days section – Romania, 2012
  • Romanian Film Festival in Toulouse – France, 2014
  • Romanian Film Festival in Toronto – Canada, 2015

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