Don’t mess with the dogs!

Written and directed by Adrian Sitaru, Lord tells the story of Toni, a guy who lures pet dogs and demands ransom from their owners. Things change when Toni has to keep one of the dogs he kidnapped.

Lord de Adrian Sitaru

Director: Adrian Sitaru
Scriptwriter: Adrian Sitaru
Cast: Sergiu Costache, Andreea Samson, Adrian Titieni
Produced by: Ada Solomon, Monica Lăzurean Gorgan
Cinematography by: Adrian Silişteanu
Film editing by: Andrei Gorgan
Year: 2009
Category: short film
Genre: Comedy, drama
Duration: 22 minutes
Subtitles: english
Country: Romania

148,938 – Cinepub viewers


Although he hates dogs, Toni is engaged in finding lost animals and then sentimentally blackmails the masters in order to obtain beautiful large amounts of money.

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Starring great actors – in the movie we can see Adrian Titieni and Sergiu Costache who later team up for the short „The Ditch” (2012) – directed by Adrian Sitaru and produced by Ada Solomon, the movie, that can be found in the Romanian shorts online collection of Cinepub, explores the same theme as in „The Cage” (also directed by Adrian Sitaru): the attachment to an animal one initially doesn’t want.

This time it is not about a pigeon, but the dog Lord. Toni makes a business out of gathering lost dogs and then blackmailing the owners. But, when his plans are turned upside down and he has to spend time with Lord, his hatred towards dogs is questioned.

A funny, warm film, one of those shorts that makes the viewer smile the whole time he/she watches it.


“I took him in, I fed him, I took good care of him…
If your pension is small, then how can you afford a dog?”


  • Curtocircuito International Film Festival, Santiago de Compostela – Spain, 2011
  • The Romanian Film Festival in London – Great Britain, 2010
  • Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Romania, 2010
  • NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2010