The professionals of low-budget films.

A film adaptation after the novel „Professionals” written by Ephraim Kishon, directed by Tudor Botezatu.

Directed by: Tudor Botezatu
Cast: Doru Aftanasiu, George Verdeș, Petru Ciubotaru, Constantin Simionică, Costel Blănariu, Ionuț Albert, Andreea Spătaru.
Written by: Tudor Botezatu
Producer: Tudor Botezatu
Cinematography: Iustin Andrei Șurpănelu
Music: Alexandru Dumitru
Year: 2014
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 11 minutes

33,130 – Cinepub viewers


A coach instructs his student to trick a boxing match, for the happiness and well-being of all.

More details:

In “Professionals”, Tudor Botezatu draws our attention to the political movements behind each big event: a concert, an electorate, even a boxing match. The short film is a complex sequence-plan in which a number of people enter and leave the frame, each of them having its own specific attribution, represented by a personal touch. The main character, the boxer, learns that the match in which he will “win” is arranged and that he must take into account the main story told by his personal trainer, while he howls and swears. The coach has discovered the perfect recipe for a perfect show: a boxing match in which the spectators can hardly wait to see the sport of broken teeth and broken noses.


  • TIFF, Cluj, The Romanian Film Days
  • Anonimul, Oficial Competition
  • Filmu de Piatra, Oficial Competition