I don’t belong to this world anymore.

Watch a short movie produced by UNATC, signed by Ilija Piperkoski, under the fictional quote: „films, drugs and rock’n’roll”.

Matasari - Ilija Piperkoski - CINEPUB & UNATC

Director: Ilija Piperkoski
Cast: Andrei Roșu, Anca Diana Florescu, Alec Secăreanu, Crina Semciuc, Andrei Runcanu, Ana Cristina Călin, Alin Popa, Cosmin Neatanticu, Adina Galupa, Alexandra Rădescu, Dragoș Dumitru
Screenplay: Miruna Vasilescu
Producer: Radu Stancu
Cinematography by: Diana Vidrașcu
Sound: Bogdan Ionescu
Editing by: Ioan Ștefan Tatu
Year: 2011
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 23 minutes
Subtitles: english

16,290 – Cinepub viewers


„I drank some whiskey before I left home. I’m walking to their place and can’t stop thinking about it. I smoked a pack of cigarettes and 3 joints today. I drank on the bus without even being aware. I take some k at their place. It will make me feel like hell. I feel like punching her in her bitch face. She keeps pretending nothing happened. At Oana’s, I drink two beers and avoid her as much as I can. ”

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A slice of life that reminds us of American high-school dramas. With superficial characters, drugs and amorous intrigues. The madhouse is filmed by an objective camera – a guy who thinks it’s cool to do it. In the middle of the party, the protagonist gives signs of intoxication because of the excess of substances. In fact, he faces some biological problems.


  • Tel Aviv Film Student Festival
  • Beijing International Film Festival
  • „In the Palace” International Short Film Festival, Balcik, Varna
  • „Henri Langlois” Festival
  • Manaki Brothers Film Festival
  • Cinedays Skopje
  • TimiShort International Film Festival, Timișoara
  • NexT Film Festival, Bucharest
  • Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Biertan Transilvania


  • 2012 – TimiShort – International Short Film Festival, Timișoara – Award for Best Romanian Short