To write the MA dissertation or to redecorate?

A production of the Romanian New Wave of shorts, „Renovation” tells the story of Alex who studies for his Master’s degree and that of his family who doesn’t seem to understand the pressure he is undergoing.

Renovare de Paul Negoescu

Director: Paul Negoescu
Scriptwriter: Simona Ghiţă, Paul Negoescu
Cast: Simona Bondoc, Clara Vodă, Andrei Runcanu, Mircea Rusu, Diana Cavallioti
Produced by: David Lindner Leporda, Ada Solomon
Cinematography by: Andrei Butică
Film editing by: Elisabeth Rabach
Yeap: 2009
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 25 minutes
Subtitles: –
Country: Romania

30,729 – Cinepub viewers


Besides her daily work, Doina tries to manage the renovation of the family’s apartment. Her son Alex cand hardly find any time for both the renovation and his girlfriend as the deadline for hs Master’s thesis comes close.

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Caught in the hectic life of the family, in which everybody has his/her own purposes and intentions, Alex represents the young man who is trying to find his own place, the meaning of his life and to act by it. The characters intersect and pass one another by, without even noticing their interactions. Everyone leaves for him/herself. Yet, they are a family.

„Renovation” is part of the category of Romanian shorts that serves the viewer a slice of life in the most honest and direct way. No tricks, no retouches, no exaggerations. Realistic and seen quite often.


“Give me a break with your shower! I just do not want to put your showerhead that you bought with fifty thousand from the market “
“It’s an Italian showerhead, I asked the seller.”


  • Berlin International Film Festival, Competition (Short Film) – Germany, 2009
  • NexT International Film Festival, Friends of the Festival – Romania, 2009
  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival – Sweden, 2010


  • Best Shortcut (nominated) – European Film Academy Awards – 2009
  • Best short story (nomination) – Gopo Awards – Romania, 2010
  • Prix UIP Vila do Conde (The Best Short European Short), International Short Film Festival Vila do Conde – Portugal, 2009
  • Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for International Cooperation, Wiesbaden goEast,
  • Festival of Central and Eastern European Film – Germany, 2008