Little lies.

A short film directed by Vladimir Dembinski about the relationship between father and son in the context of a tennis match that the boy has to win at any cost.

Tenis by Vladimir Dembinsky - CINEPUB & UNATC

Directed by: Vladimir Dembinski
Cast: Andi Vasluianu, Luca Rotaru, Andrei Mateiu, Ioan Coman,
Script: Vladimir Dembinski
Producer: Radu Stancu
Production: deFilm, UNATC Film
Cinematography by: Vivi Drăgan Vasile
Edited by: Tudor D. Popescu
Year: 2012
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 15 minutes

14,069 – Cinepub viewers


Matei is getting ready for an important game, today. He is not afraid of his opponent, but of the fact that his father is going with him.

More details:

“Tennis” is the story of all children and adults who have been forced by their parents or certain circumstances to aim too high when it is not the case. The main character is a calm, shy, and sensitive boy, not at all interested in tennis or sports competition, while the father fines him for every mistake and scolds him for his loser attitude, without ever questioning that his son does not like this sport.

When he enters the contest and sees that his opponent is beating him with a much higher score and his father’s behavior changes every minute, the boy resorts to an innocent lie, hoping that someone will cancel the match and that he will no longer have to endure the burning eyes of his father.


  • Curtas Vila Do Conde International Film Festival, 2012
  • Overlook Film Festival, 2012
  • Cortex Film Festival, 2012
  • Brest Film Festival, 2012
  • ANONIMUL Film Festival, 2012