A too dutiful daughter

A Romanian feature film signaling the debut of the director Ana Lungu, a strong feminine debut comparable to the New Wave accomplishments, „Self-portrait of a dutiful daughter” is the winner of the Best Film Award at Bucharest International Film Festival, 2015.

Autoportretul unei fete cuminti - un film de Ana Lungu

Director: Ana Lungu
Scriptwriter: Ana Lungu
Cast: Elena Popa, Emilian Oprea, Andrei Enache, Iris Spiridon
Produced by: Anca Puiu
Cinematography by: Silviu Stavilă
Film editing by: Dana Bunescu
Year: 2015
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 81 minutes
Subtitles: english

109,001 – Cinepub viewers


Cristiana is a 30-year-old woman, brought up in a “proper” family. Her time is split between writing for her PhD thesis, conversations with best friends Alex and Michelle, and occasional, but eagerly awaited rendezvous with Dan, a married man with whom she is romantically involved. After her parents move out of the family apartment, Cristiana decides to buy a dog.

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A Romanian movie that explores in a very delicate manner the late coming of age of a girl left for too long under her parents’ protection. Cristiana seems a lost person who is seeking to define her own views and principles, trying to find her identity while, at the same time, being dependent financially on her parents.

The fight for her own freedom seems to focus, at a certain moment, on the decision to buy a dog as Cristiana has always wanted a dog ever since she was a child. Surprisingly enough, her parents still have the authority to forbid that.


„The Self-portrait…” seemed a feminine version of Paul Negoescu’s 2012 debut in feature „A month in Thailand”. While, at the time, I was writing about Negoescu’s movie that it was «an X-ray of regrets, indecision and mind changing», the Self-portrait explores almost the same area: it is an X-ray of unfulfilment, hesitation but also of rebellion.” (Ștefan Dobroiu – Cinemagia)


„Why do you think in Romanian oral sex represents an expletive?”

„Objectively speaking, things are relative.”

„So, when you buy a dog, you have to do some extensive research beforehand.”

„You tend to waste time with crap and ignore the important things.”

„ I just wanted to ask you to stop calling me. This time I had the guts to tell you this, but I’m not sure I could completely ignore your calls, so it will help if you won’t call at all.”


  • Rotterdam International Film Festival – Germany, 2015


  • Nomination: Best film (Ana Lungu), Bucharest International Film Festival – România 2015
  • Nomination: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Elena Popa), Gopo Awards – Romania, 2016
  • Nomination: Best Feature Film, Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2015
  • Best Film (Ana Lungu) and Audience Award, Bucharest International Film Festival – Romania, 2015
  • Best Film, Crossing Europe – Linz, Austria, 2015