In Romania, between 2004-2008, there were 5146 reported cases of rape.

Shot in found-footage mode and inspired by real facts, „Tape no. 4/ Alexandra” tells the story of a couple kidnapped by a band of rapists. It’s one of those tough short films, restricted, by these reasons, to underage viewers.

Caseta nr4 / Alexandra by Cristian Pascariu - CINEPUB

Director: Cristian Pascariu
Scriptwriter: Cristian Pascariu
Cast: Alexandra Tarce, Olimpiu Blaj, Radu Lărgeanu, Bogdan Rădulescu, Alexandru Arion
Produced by: Cristian Pascariu, Iuliana Târnovețchi
Cinematography by: Andrei Ungureanu
Editing by: Cristian Pascariu
Category: short film
Genre: thriller
Year: 2013
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: English

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Based on real events, the film tells the sad story of the kidnapping of a young, innocent couple. Paul, a 23 old guy, is making a video of his girlfriend Alexandra, taking her through different parts of the city they live in. As night comes and they retire to a more private place, a car pulls right by them and three men physically force them into the car. The young couple is taken to a remote garage, where Paul is beaten and forced to watch Alexandra being raped by the three men. All this time, the aggressors are having fun recording their „performance” on Paul’s camera.

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Probably one of the toughest Romanian shorts, „Tape 4/Alexandra” induces a sensation of deep discomfort to the viewer. The found-footage style , accompanied by the realistic interpretation of the actors creats a strong sensation of a documentary and that the facts are not fake, but shot by real persons. The viewer becomes an involuntary witness of the moment. One of those shorts very hard to watch, but which approaches a very important social issue. The end is crucial: we are informed that, in Romania, between 2004-2008 there were reported 5146 rape cases. The film can be seen as a subtle invitation for the public to take an attitude, once they understood the suffering the victims are put through.


  • Human Rights Film Festival BARCELONA/PARIS/NYC – 2013
  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days shorts – Romania, 2013

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