Extramarital affairs

A short film signed by Sebastian Mihăilescu, selected in the international competition at NexT Film Festival in 2016 and presented in Oslo and Stockholm, during Romanian Film Days, courtesy of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm.

Honeymoon - short film UNACT - CINEPUB

Directed by: Sebastian Mihăilescu
Cast: Iulia Ciochina, Silviu Debu
Script: Andrei Epure, Sebastian Mihăilescu
Producer: UNATC Film
Cinematography: Ana Drăghici
Sound: Victor Miu
Year: 2014
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 12 minutes

10,006 – Cinepub viewers


At the wedding of a friend, Bogdan and Irina discuss an extramarital situation that could irrecoverably harm the family. Irina seems to be the rational one, she tries to calm down Bogdan. However, the arrival of the bride, surrounded by masked men, is the only way that he can escape his rage.

More details:

In Romanian cinema, the special events in our human life such as baptism, wedding, and funeral are gradually transformed into areas easy to exploit and observe. Like a painting, these events open and reflect a world of their own, a singular world, which retains in their essence so many problems, so many things that need to be said at the right time, with the right person. Most of the time, this fusion doesn’t work or does not exist from the very beginning, so, as a result, they turn into moments full of tension, instability, and noise. In this short film, the wedding becomes the symbolic context in which the two brothers fight with what they each feel for the new life chosen by their mother.


  • NexT Film Festival, 2016, Bucharest, International Competition