We present the short film “Chat with Alice”, directed by Isabela Țenț, a documentary about an unconventional family.

Chat with Alice by Isabela Țenț - documentary UNATC - CINEPUB

Directed by: Isabela Țenț
Producer: UNATC
Cast: Alice Petruș, Dorian Petruș, Aristo Petruș
Cinematography: Roberto Stan
Sound: Răzvan-Andrei Petre
Category: short film, documentary
Duration: 20 min.
Year: 2014

6,972 – Cinepub viewers


An unconventional couple raises their three or four-year-old boy.

More details:

Alice and Dorian are raising their three or four year old boy together. But she’s an 18-year-old high school student, and he’s a 53-year-old man. This family of artists, surrounded by paintings and Pink Floyd, shows that as long as there is love, a marriage can be beautiful and harmonious, even under more unusual conditions.


  • Cinemaiubit ISFF 2015 – Best documentary award
  • Gopo Awards 2016 – Best short documentary award
  • International Film Festival (July 16-19, 2015) – Sighetu Marmației, Romania (UNATC screenings)
    Alter-Native 24, Târgu-Mureș, Romania
  • Sichuan TV Festival – International “Gold Panda” Awards for Students (November 6-8, 2015) – Sichuan, China
  • Visegrad Film Forum
  • STIFF International Student Film Festival, Croatia
  • Astra Film, Sibiu
  • DocuArt Fest