Will it be a second time?

Two years of mc² film are celebrated by Cinepub: „The Cigarette After: First Time”, a Romanian short film, is an independent production and one of the most important films by mc².

Tigara de dupa by George Gänæaard - CINEPUB

Director: George Gänæaard
Scriptwriters: George Gänæaard
Cast: Alina Medoia, Eduard Teodor Bot
Produced by: Ayrton P. Bryan
Cinematography by: Silviu Anghel
Editing by: Michael Locksmith
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2015
Duration: 7 minutes
Subtitles: English

234,130 – Cinepub viewers


Two teenagers on a balcony are smoking their cigarette after. They are drinking coke and discussing about possibly meeting again.

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Shot in a single frame sequence, „The Cigarette After: First Time” creates the rhythm and the tension between the characters without using the „trick” called editing. This was, actually, the director’s intension, who studied „how much timing counts, as well as placing the actors towards one another and the camera. It’s a constraint that has given me the opportunity to try something new.”

The director’s vision, the funny double-meaning dialogue and the two characters well played by Alina Medoia and Eduard Teodor Bot, makes the movie one of the Romanian short films to be watched on Cinepub.


„I can’t tomorrow. I am going with my mom to buy some sneakers”


  • Comedy Cluj International Film Festival – 2015, Romania
  • Nottingham International Microfilm Festival Savoy Cinema – UK, 2015
  • Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne – Australia, 2015

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