The village called Sands by Claudiu Mitcu - CINEPUB

Director: Claudiu Mitcu
Scriptwriter: Claudiu Mitcu
Year: 2007
Category: documentary
Duration: 77 minutes

10,500 – Cinepub viewers


Every year on August 29 (“since the beginning of times”, as a local puts it), the Sands village is celebrating: there is a carnival there, famous in all the country. The villagers are so proud of it, at least until they get to compare the present with the past, when they inevitably longing for the past.

The documentary watches – through lengthy tracking shots (let’s not forget that the cinematographer is Andrei Butică) – the eve of the grand day, the preparations, the event in itself and… the end of the party.


  • Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2008
  • Glasgow Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, in the official competition – Glasgow, Scotland, 2008
  • The Romanian Film Festival in New York – New York, U.S.A., 2008