DORU is a animation short film, directed and screenplay by Valentin Dragu and Radu Pop, with Ileana Brâncoveanu and Ştefan Craiu, a UNATC production 2015.

DORU - directed by Catalin Draghici, UNATC short film online on CINEPUB

Directed by: Valentin Dragu, Radu Pop
Script by: Valentin Dragu, Radu Pop
Cast: Ileana Brâncoveanu, Ştefan Craiu
Producer: UNATC
Cinematography: Victor Velculescu
Sound: Ciprian Cimpoi, Răzvan Ionescu, Iulian Nunu, Ciprian Vişan
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: animation, fiction
Duration: 7 minutes

2,882 – Cinepub viewers


One summer night, a drunk man gets tired of losing his time with the boys and starts through the wheat field to look for his luck.


  • Cilect Prize 2016
  • Mifec – Internatonal Student Short Film Festival (17-21 Mai 2016) – Porto, Portugalia
  • The Eleventh Cilect Prize Competition 2016 (July 2016)
  • Student Academy Award (22 Septembrie 2016) – Hollywood, CA
  • Student Internatonal Film Festival (STIFF)