The unseen heroes behind the wedding tapes

We gladly present the documentary “Weddings, Music and Videotapes” by Tudor Giurgiu. A film starring the unseen heroes behind the wedding tapes you love to hate.

Weddings, Music and Videotapes - documentary online by Tudor Giurgiu on CINEPUB

Directed by: Tudor Giurgiu
Script by: Tudor Giurgiu
Cast: George Stirbat, Emilian Achim, Sandu și Sorin Cucui, Daniel Dumitru Pauna, Petre Manici, Alin Glod
Producer: Oana Giurgiu, Andrei Creţulescu, Carmen Harabagiu
Cinematography: Toma Velio
Edited by: Mircea Olteanu
Sound: György Kovács, Gábor Erdélyi, Tamás Székely
Music: Vlad Voinescu, Marius Leftărache
Year: 2008
Category: medium-lenght film
Genre: documentary
Duration: 57 minutes

9,006 – Cinepub viewers


A behind-the-scenes insight of the Romanian wedding industry, with cameramen, photographers and singers from all around the country for the first time in the spotlight..

More details:

Their life stories, their editing styles, their hands-on-approach know-how and, of course, their performances at weddings, mix up in a shortcut-style film. George Stirbat, the 30-something one-man-show singer from the small town of Onesti returned home after a mini-Broadway career and Petru Manici, the coal mine electrician from the mining town of Petrosani, are just two of the most interesting characters the film follows in their quest to achieve perfection for the bride’s and groom’s memories. This film will leave you with something to remember for the rest of your life.

What critics say:

“Weddings, Music and Videotapes” is to be served with amusement because the subject is funny in itself, and the humour is always involuntary. From the Hawaiian wallpaper to cranes and steadycams, the industry that stays in the way of forgetting has evolved, but its ridiculousness has remained. (Iulia Blaga,


  • GOPO Nomination for Best Documentary film, 2008
  • Documentary Competition at DaKINO IFF, 2008
  • Special screening during HBO Night at B-EST IFF, 2009
  • Romanian Film Days at TIFF, 2009


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