A documentary short film about a forgotten place and about the meaning of Olt County, signed by Dorian Negrilă.

Directed by: Dorian Negrilă
Cast: Emilian Ciobanu, Onel Jugui, Mircea Negrilă
Script by: Dorian Negrilă
Producer: UNATC Film
Cinematography by: Ana Anghel
Editing by: Radu Scorțescu
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: documentary
Duration: 19 minutes

11,346 – Cinepub viewers


In this documentary, the director shows the personal identity of a forgotten place. He defends it against the general prejudices. He speaks about this place, forgotten by the world, but still present through its specific famous sayings.


  • Gala Premiilor Gopo (28 Martie 2016), Bucharest
  • CineMalubit, Festivalul Internațional de Film Studențesc, Bucharest, 2015