And the sea flows into an ocean of sadness.

Marked by the absurdity of the administrative process regarding the arrangements for his mother’s funeral, the protagonist of the short film “All Rivers Run to the Sea”, signed by Alexandru Badea, barely has the power to take care of the entire situation.

Director: Alexandru Badea
Scriptwriters: Alexandru Badea
Cast: Daniel Popa, Tatiana Iekel, Cătălina Moga, Radu Bânzaru, Csaba Ciugulitu, Victoria Cociaș, Profira Serafim, Alina Snărășan, Dorina Păunescu, Mirela Gorea, Raluca Petra, Puiu Lăscuș, Dragoș Olaru, Ionuț Niculae
Produced by: Alexandru Badea
Cinematography: Tudor Platon
Sound: Andrei Boanță
Category: short film
Genre: drama
An: 2016
Duration: 24 minutes
Subtitles: English
Films presented with the support of UNATC.

10,838 – Cinepub viewers


Radu is having a hard time dealing with his mother’s death.

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A story with an enormous emotional burden that reflects the inability of those who are in grief and who are put in situations that require lucidity and responsibility.

The beautifully shot film has tight frames and spaces marked by a perpetual sadness in which the main character reacts the way he does and is driven by a dark, yet real force.


  • Hyperfest International Film Festival, 2016
  • Timishort Film Festival, 2016
  • International Short Film Festival in Drama
  • Filmul de Piatra Festival, 2016
  • Arkadia Shortfest, 2016
  • Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival, 2016
  • Gopo Awards Gala, 2016
  • Internationale Filmfestpiele – Berlinale Shorts, 2016
  • Chicago International Film Festival, 2016
  • Cannes Film Festival, Cinefondation Award, 2016
  • CineMAiubit – International Student Film Festival, 2015
  • Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema, 2016
  • Molodist International Film Festival, 2016
  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2016


  • Award for Best Director, CineMAiubit, 2015
  • Award for Best Cinematography (Tudor Platon), CineMAiubit, 2015