Daddy, you’re awesome, I love you!

Marian Crișan signs the script and the directing of a soul-shaking film about a father’s addiction (Dan Chiorean, in a superb, multi-awarded role) for his son, who is, in his turn, addicted to drugs.

Rocker by Marian Crișan - CINEPUB

Director: Marian Crișan
Scriptwriters: Marian Crișan
Cast: Dan Chiorean, Alin State, Crina Semciuc, Ofelia Popii
Produced by: Anca Puiu
Cinematography by: Tudor Mircea, RSC
Film editing by: Tudor Pojoni
Year: 2012
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 91 minutes
Subtitles: English

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The love Victor feels for his son goes far beyond what is socially and morally accepted. Victor is a 45-year-old rocker who works, steals and cheats only to get the money to buy heroine for his addicted son Dinte. This is a strange self-sacrifice that he takes for saving his son. Apart from their blood ties, they are also connected by music. Rock music.

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„Rocker” is the first Romanian film of the New Wave film that deals with the issue of drug addiction. The director and scriptwriter Marian Crișan confesses that he wanted to tell a story that would take drugs out of common places, such as Ferentari (an ill-famed district in the Capital). Unfortunately, drug abuse is extremely spread throughout the entire country. The film action is set in Oradea, a city in the north-west of Romania, and the main characters are a 45-year-old father, a former rocker, and his addicted son, a furious artist, vocal in a district rock band. The two share the same passion – rock, but not the drugs. The father is the one who serves as a dealer, a servant and a punch bag for his offspring’s crises. „Rocker” is a circular story, of the ouroboros type (the snake that swallows its own tail), without leaving room for any conclusion. Some personal dramas cannot find a solution when the people involved are too weak to look for it.

Marian Crișan was called (by film critic Cătălin Olaru) a director with a nerve, who keeps submitting Romanian films to the New Wave of the Romanian cinema, while refusing to follow its rules, such as using mostly sequence frames, long and wide frames. Furthermore, the director has chosen theatre actors for the leading parts, Dan Chiorean and Alin State. Dan Chiorean, the father character, whom the camera constantly follows and who has some of the most memorable foregrounds in our recent cinematography, has been awarded many times for his acting performance.

“Alin State and Dan Chiorean were incredible until the end of the shooting. You could no longer see if they were in the film or not. For 30 days, they lived as if in the film. That is, if we went out for a beer during the breaks, I had the feeling I was accompanies by my film characters, not by two actors. I was friends with the film characters”, says the director in an interview taken by Ionuț Mareș, for Ziarul Metropolis.


“With his leather jacket over his hooded sweatshirt, walking through the provincial city (where the author is never distracted by the picturesque details) or through a land covered in snow, Victor is a memorable character of the new Romanian Cinematography. (Mihai Fulger – )

“Even at the standards of the New Romanian Realism, Crişan’s subscription to the “slice of life” aesthetics is uncommonly pure. (…) Bref, a discrete and beautiful film. (Andrei Gorzo – )


“You know what time is like? Like toothpaste, you can’t put it back in the tube.”
“3, 2, 1, it’s half past three. Come on, daddy, It’s time for din-dins, daddy!”
“Daddy, you’re great, I love you!”
“Try it, you fucking square, see what it’s like.”


  • San Sebastian International Film Festival – Spain, 2012
  • Trieste Film Festival – Italy, 2013
  • Goteborg International Film Festival – Sweden, 2013
  • Vilnius International Film Festival – Lithuania, 2013
  • Fabio Fest Prague International Film Festival – Czech Republic, 2013
  • Wiesbaden International Film Festival – Germany, 2013
  • Indielisboa International Film Festival – Portugal, 2013
  • Brussels International Film Festival – Belgium, 2013
  • Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2013
  • Tofifest International Film Festival – Poland, 2013
  • Saint Petersburg International Film Festival – Russia, 2013


  • Best Actor (Dan Chiorean), Vilnius International Film Festival – Lithuania, 2013
  • Best Actor (Dan Chiorean), Wiesbaden GoEast International Film Festival – Germany, 2013
  • Best Actor (Dan Chiorean), Best Director (Marian Crișan), Herceg Novi Film Festival – Montenegro, 2013

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