The luck of the hen with a crooked beak

„Crooked”, directed by Tudor Botezatu, is an ultra-short film produced in 2017 and selected, among other short films from Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Denmark, France, Iran, Mexico, Philippine, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UK and U.S.A. at the International One Minute Film Festival, Filminute. Along with „Her birthday present”, directed by Răzvan Dü, it represents the two selections of Romanian shorts to be screened in the festival in 2017.

„It is always fascinating to see how concisely, concretely and profoundly do the 1 minute films reflect the world we live in. From various crises and threats to humanity, to the modern human being in search of the truth and understanding in relationships, disease and even the afterlife – we see so many current aspects of our lives reflected in film, many times in unexpected ways”, stated John Ketchum, co-founder and the executive director of the festival.

Crooked by Tudor Botezatu - CINEPUB

Director: Tudor Botezatu
Produced by: Mihai Rîpan
Cinematography by: Dragoș Sabadac
Film editing by: Letiția Ștefănescu
Year: 2017
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 1 minute
Subtitles: English
Territories:  –

3,695 – Cinepub viewers


A short film about life in the countryside and the day-to-day life’s miracles.

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In a courtyard in Brăila county, two peasants grow an „abnormal” hen, a hen with a crooked beak, so crooked that it can’t even feed on its own, let alone „do its job” and lay eggs. It is the genetic accident, the „discard”. What will the peasants do with it? An 1 minute film that tells an entire story and projects a series of questions about what we are to do with the „discards” when they belong to the human race and the human society. A film included in the Cinepub platform’s list of Romanian shorts online.


„Two years and she laid a single egg.”
„I said: get out of here, let her live.”


  • Filminute, The International One Minute Film Festival, 2017