As in a radiography that does not detect anything dangerous, Sandra Rad’s short film restores a balance, alleviates the national and generational hypochondria towards an event that is still in the air.

Fragment 22 - by Sandra Rad - online short film UBB on CINEPUB

Directed by: Sandra Rad
Script by: Adrian Cârlugea, Claudia Negrea
Cast: Cristian But, Adrian Cucu, Emanuel Petrean, Radu Lărgeanu, Anca Similar
Producer: UBB, Ștefan Aganence
Cinematography by: Marius Bogdan
Edited by: Sandra Rad
Sound: Andrei Siran, George Tole
Year: 2016
Category: short film
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 17 minutes

4,885 – Cinepub viewers


22 December ’89. In a commune in Transylvania, the spirit of the Revolution is felt differently than in the country’s big cities. Terrorists, weapons and the army are just some of the ideas a young policeman has to face.


  • Transilvania International Film Festival 2017 – Romania Short film
  • Autumn in Voroneț International Film Festival 2017
  • The White Night of Romanian Films 2017
  • TIFF Chisinau 2017.