About life and death.

Watch the feature film „The Cigarette Bus”, created and produced by mc² film, an omnibus comprised of ten short films revolving around the theme of smoking after major events.

The Cigarette Bus - CINEPUB

Directed by: Alin Boeru, Horia Cucuța, Vlad Ghinea, George ve Gänæaard, Sergiu Lupșe, Valentin Păduraru
Script by: Răzvan Mihai Badea, Alin Boeru, Horia Cucuța, Vlad Ghinea, George veGänæaard, Valentin Păduraru
Cast: Alin Boeru, Eduard Teodor Bot, Ayrton P. Bryan, Daniel Chirilă, Vlad Ghinea, Dana Marineci, Valentin Păduraru, Alina Medoia
Producers: mc² film
Cinematography by: Silviu Anghel, Claudiu Bizău, Răzvan Dima, Constantin Ene Jr., Vlad Ghinea, Dragoș Omețită
Edited by: Alin Boeru, Vlad Ghinea, Michael Locksmith, Sergiu Lupșe, Dragoș Omețită, Georgiana Surugiu
Sound: Alexandru Badea, Cristian Călinescu, Michael Locksmith, Delia Oniga, Ionuț Pârvu, Vlad Precup, Andrei Stoian, Georgiana Surugiu, Alexandru Vicol, Claudiu Mărginean, Cristian Simion
Year: 2019
Category: feature film
Genre: comedy, drama
Duration: 85 minutes
Subtitles: english

97,174 – Cinepub viewers


The cigarette after sex, after death, after a breakup, after bad news, after – anything.

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Two teenagers on a balcony are smoking their cigarette after. They are drinking coke and discussing about possibly meeting again. A young man realizes that he’s living a life he actually doesn’t want. Two sisters, Daria and Irina, who are going through some rough family problems, get into a major fight due to their past differences and Irina’s decision to leave the country for a sabbatical year. A simple visit derails in a very intimate and hard to handle experience between Irina and Gia. Things get weird when Irina’s husband gets back home. A young man with a passion for fishing and a broken leg and a man who desperately wants to smoke face the same challenge: somebody left the elevator door open. When a young hustler finds out the wife of his best friends is pregnant with his child, he must do anything he can to find money and join her in her trip to India. A short story of the Peter Pan generation. From the outside it might seem just like another lover’s quarrel, but things are always much more complicated. A past rock legend gets a surprise visit from his biggest fan. A depressed young man, just separated from his wife, who was supposed to move to a friend’s studio, tries to convince his friend that a ghost is living in that place. Stories about life, that revolve around a cigarette. A cigarette always saves the day, no matter what the situation may be.


  • International Comedy Film Festival, Cluj, Romania, 2015
  • Nottingham International Microfilm Festival Savoy Cinema, UK, 2015
  • Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Australia, 2015
  • Nottingham International Microfilm Festival Savoy Cinema, 2015
  • Filmul de Piatra Festival, 2016
  • Buzău International Film Festival, 2017
  • NexT Film Festival, Bucharest, 2017
  • Divan Film and Food Festival, Romania, 2017
  • Timishort, Romania, 2017
  • Global Shorts, Special Jury Mentional, 2017
  • Romanian Short Waves, Cannes, 2018
  • Balkan Can Kino, Greece, 2018
  • Full Moon Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Romania, 2018