It all started in Cisnădioara during Aristoteles Workshop. It continued in a hospital in Târgu Mureș. But the story did not end up there. Locarno, Amsterdam (IDFA), Sarajevo, Moscow, Madrid, Warsaw, Namur, Cracow and many other festivals followed. International awards. Both the audience and the film critics were fascinated by this documentary shot in a town in Romania.

Discover a micro-universe with its own perfectly valid laws, but out of the normal logic.
The question is: what’s normal and what’s abnormal?

Don’t Get Me Wrong by Adina Pintilie - CINEPUB

Director: Adina Pintilie
D.O.P: Sorin Gociu
Year: 2006
Category: documentary
Duration: 49 minutes

20,499 – Cinepub viewers


They are not exactly friends, just bound to live together. Ocsy sweeps the church steps every day, always in a suit and tie, and has a chat with an extremely obedient God. Alex has a genuine passion for science, an adequate diet and a breakthrough invention on the way. They often argue, but their aim is one: to help mankind. Abel feeds everyone and, if need be, changes their diapers. Ignat moves stones from left to right, then from right to left. A micro-universe which functions on its own laws.


  • Astra Film Festivals