Based on a short story by Romulus Vulpescu.

The Dictator and His Servant - by Ada Pistiner - UNATC & CINEPUB

Directed by: Ada Pistiner
Producer: UNATC
Script: Ada Pistiner
Cast: Wolfgang Ernst Gyurgyevich, Romulus Vulpescu
Cinematography: Florin Cornea, Mihai Narti
Music: Sergiu Mihail
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 12 min
Year: 1968

1,144 – Cinepub viewers


Escaping from a totalitarian society, in which music is banned, is rendered impossible, and the violent death of the artists, imposed by the supreme ruler, is carried out with no hesitation by his obedient servants.

More details:

“The Dictator and His Servant” the graduation film of Ada Pistiner, who would become one of the most appreciated directors of the “Alexandru Sahia” Film Studio, is an allegory in which a young and beautiful poet (played by the writer Romulus Vulpescu) is condemned to death by a dictator (seductive, in turn), because he had dared to unleash the music in his heart. The execution ritual is carefully constructed by the director and the two image directors (Florin Cornea and Mihai Narti) as a true choreography of the death.