A New Planet?

Today, Cinepub presents reStart, a video essay signed by Marius Donici, created in loneliness with a laptop: a small animated film that brings to mind both Frankenstein and Pygmalion.

reStart by Marius Donici - short stop-motion movie - CINEPUB

Directed by: Marius Donici
Script by: Marius Donici
Cinematography: Marius Donici
Edited by: Marius Donici
Sound: Marius Donici
Year: 2020
Category: short film
Duration: 2 minutes

4,321 – Cinepub viewers


For two minutes, sounds from the universe such as the sound of the Sun, the sound of the Earth, the sound of the fusion of two black holes or the sound of the dwarf planet Pluto express the feelings of self-isolation, which every Earthling can interpret from his own point of view.