”A Vitoria Lipan that goes even further”

Awarded a Special Mention at the Festival des Films du Monde – Montréal, 2010, ”Europolis” is one of those rare Romanian films that captures a powerful atmosphere of magic-realism, inspired by Mircea Eliade’s fantastic prose. Having Adriana Titieni playing a remarkable part, the film shows “a Vitoria Lipan that goes even further” (, as the actress herself described the character.

Europolis by Cornel Gheorghiță - CINEPUB

Director: Cornel Gheorghiță
Scriptwriters: Cornel Gheorghiță, Adina Dulcu, Loïc Baralac
Cast: Adriana Trandafir, Áron Dimény, Elena Popa, Joseph Otteno, Dorin Andone, Ionela Nedelea, Petrica Nicolae, Adina Cartianu, Sorin Frâncu, Rada Ixari, Rudolf Moca, Ion Strugari, Gheorghe Seminaru, Bogdan Marhodin, Laurențiu Bănescu
Produced by: Cornel Gheorghiță
Cinematography by: Ovidiu Marginean
Film editing by: Nathalie Mougenot
Year: 2010
Category: feature
Genre: drama
Subtitles: English

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Nae lives in a small village in East Romania. A telegram arrives from France informing him of his long-lost uncle’s death. Together with his mother, he is asked to come to France to take care of the funeral arrangements. One of the deceased’s last wishes was to be buried in the cemetery of his home town in Sulina, Romania, located on the coast of the Black Sea, on the other side of the continent.

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An initiation journey from Sulina to the Atlantic shore, “Europolis” explores the Romanian traditions surrounding death, through a magic-realism rarely seen in other Romanian films that speak about the same theme.
“I created a space that is not well known […] The space of the horizon […] The horizon is that place where an imaginary world takes form – as Andrei Pleşu said – between the earth and the sky. Of course, I was inspired by our folk traditions”, declared the director Cornel Gheorghiță (

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“The film shows an initiation journey, through which the laws of this world intertwine with those of the other realm. And, together, they have a destructive effect over the characters that need to follow them. […] Cornel Gheorghiţă’s film is still interesting. And of a novelty value: it tries to offer a different possible vison of things, one opposite to what we are used lately” (Iaromira Popvici, Dilema Veche –


“I have an impression of Déjà vu”
“So tell me, Mom. How did he hide the money?”
“Do you really believe in the rumors? When people don’t know, they make up all kinds of things.
As you did about Lucas’ death.

“The picture on this license does not look like you.
Yes, because it is not me.”

”Lucas knew he was going to die.”


  • Jury Special Mention, Festival des films du Monde – Montréal, 2010
  • Best Script, HBO – Romania, 2005
  • Best Actress (Adriana Trandafir), Best Cinematography (Ovidiu Marginean), Best Production Design Bogdan Ionescu and Brubo Dumont), Best Music (Diego Losa and François Petit), Cyprus International Film Festival – Cyprus, 2011
  • Jury Special Award, Kiméra International Film Festival – Italy, 2011


  • Cairo International Film Festival – Egypt, 2010
  • Antalya International Film Festival – Turkey, 2011
  • Festival international du film d’amour de Mons, Belgium, 2011
  • Espoo Ciné International Film Festival – Finland, 2011
  • Napoli International Film Festival – Italy, 2011
  • Tirana International Film Festival – Albania, 2011
  • Romanian Gopo Awards, Nomibated for Best Leading Acress (Adriana Trandafir) – Romania, 2011