Silence is money.

Winner of the great prize at the NexT International Film Festival in 2013, with an exceptional cast – Mimi Brănescu, Iulia Lumânare, Teo Corban and Adrian Titieni – this short film tells the story of a man who protests for his rights to be respected.

Betoniera by Liviu Săndulescu - CINEPUB

Director: Liviu Săndulescu
Scriptwriters: Liviu Săndulescu
Cast: Mimi Brănescu, Iulia Lumânare, Teo Corban, Adrian Titieni
Produced by: Anca Puiu
Cinematography by: Andrei Butică
Editing by: Ioachim Stroe
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2013
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English

120,719 – Cinepub viewers


For the people living in a block of flats in Bucharest, the torture has started a few days ago, when a construction site was set nearby. Since then, the construction work has been going on day and night. After calling the police several times to no avail, tonight, one man resorts to a rather unusual form of protest.

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Mimi Brănescu plays the part of a lodger who is disturbed by the noise coming from the building site in the neighborhood, while the construction work takes place at night, a state of affairs that’s been approved by the City Hall. Exasperated by the fact that his complaints to the authorities are ignored, the protagonist decides to take the matter in his own hands, the very moment in which the law – product of a highly corrupted society – instantaneously turns against him, with all its absurd mechanisms.

The exceptional cast – Mimi Brănescu, Iulia Lumânare, Teo Corban, Adrian Titieni – and the realist style of direction typical of the New Romanian Wave are only two of the ingredients of the interesting short films that capture contemporary social issues, „The Cement Mixer” being part of this category illustrated by the Romanian shorts online at


„«The Cement Mixer» strongly hits the apparent silence, our national weariness.” (Jovi Ene –


„Please tell him I’m on the street in my car, blocking a cement mixer.”

„Go home.”
„I can’t sleep, too much noise, I call the police.”
„Lisen me. Polis was here. Everything it’s OK with the police, go home.”

„ Your license, please.
Why should I?”

„You might have fined them, but the noise carried on.”


  • Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival – France, 2013
  • Timishort Film Festival – Romania, 2013
  • 6th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala – India, 2013
  • Ismailia International Film Festival – Egypt, 2013
  • Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival – Brazil, 2013
  • Dilema Veche Film Festival – Romania, 2013
  • 15th Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival – Brazil, 2013
  • Victoria Film Festival – Canada, 2013
  • Alba Iulia Music & Film Festival – Romania, 2013


  • Next Film Festival – Best Romanian Short 2013
  • Best Short Film, Vilnius Films Shorts – Lithuania, 2013
  • Best Short Film, The Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) – Romania, 2013

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