An anti-film.

Cinepub presents a new UNATC short film, signed by Luiza Pârvu. We invite you to watch „My Baby”, a mysterious and atypical film, about destinies and decisions.

Directed by: Luiza Pârvu
Cast: Rodica Lazăr, Cristian Popa, Olimpia Melinte, Lucia Maier, Delia Matei
Script by: Toma Peiu
Producer: Sorin Botoșeneanu, Andrei Goagă, Luiza Pârvu
A production by: UNATC
Cinematography by: Andrei Goagă
Sound: Laura Lăzărescu
Editing by: Letiția Ștefănescu
Year: 2013
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 19 minutes
Subtitles: english

20,525 – Cinepub viewers


Security guard Iulia, interior decorator Andi and English language teacher Ana are bound by a series of decisions that could change their lives forever. Each of them depends on the others’ actions. Each one of them gets to care for and needs to be taken care of. See-through windows are not necessarily transparent.

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„I spent two weeks in the house together with Toma (Peiu), the screenwriter and my partner, and I wrote this story. We thought of it as a three-character parable in a series of mysterious events. We wanted to make an anti-film (this is how we called this experiment), having in mind something that was not related to the classical narrative film structure. I did not want you to know what the characters are about, or to empathize with some of them. We wanted to experiment with a different way of seeing things: through a window or a monitor, where you can see strangers and watch them doing something you do not understand, as it happens most of the time in real life. I think it’s very hard to understand strangers caught in the middle of doing something, something we know nothing about. Therefore, ”My Baby” is like a child of ours, a bit strange, a bit incomprehensible, who doesn’t speak so much, but who, when he opens his mouth, says wise things. She is, perhaps, an autistic child who, if you understand her, she can become very dear to you. (Luiza Pârvu)


  • CineMAiubit International Festival, Bucharest, Romania
  • NexT – Next International Film Festival, Bucharest
  • TIFF – Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj Napoca
  • Anonimul Festival, Sf. Gheorghe
  • Cinema Jove – Festival Internacional de Cine de Valencia Cinema Jove
  • GAIFF – Golden Apricot – Yerevan International Film Festival
  • SFF – Sardinia Film Festival
  • Festival de Cannes – Le Festival International du Film de Cannes
  • MIFEC – Mostra Internacional de Escolas de Cinema (MIFEC)
  • Golden Autumn International Film Festival, Chișinau
  • Kratkog “Srebrena Traka” Film Festival, Poland
  • Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival, Ireland
  • Victoria Film Festival, Romania
  • Open Society Shorts, Romania
  • International Film Festival, Ploiești, Romania
  • Alba Iulia Music and Film Festival
  • Sighișoara Film Festival (2014)


  • Open Society Shorts – Award for Best Fiction Film, 2013