Searching for answers in the wild.

The director Andreea Păduraru signs this short – a visual metaphor expressing the difficulty of taking a life changing decision. Part of the team are also Marius Panduru (cinematography), Dragoș Apetri (film editing) and the actresses Florentina Năstase, Adina Lucaciu, Alexandra Marcu, Ioana Mărcoiu.

Hypotheses or predictions based on theories by Andreea Păduraru - CINEPUB

Director: Andreea Păduraru
Scriptwriters: Andreea Păduraru
Cast: Florentina Năstase, Adina Lucaciu, Alexandra Marcu, Ioana Mărcoiu, Serghei Chiviriga, Kai Hildrebrand, Ali Rezza Saled Munteanu
Produced by: Anca Puiu
Cinematography by: Marius Panduru
Editing by: Dragoș Apetri
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2015
Duration: 21 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories: –

7,940 – Cinepub viewers


Confused about her imminent wedding, Laura has to fiind her answer in a sisterly roadtrip to the sea.

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Andreea Păduraru’s film is part of the category of Romanian shorts that stood out in the festivals, also receiving awards in Belgrade and Trieste. The director makes a fine correspondence between the psychological states of the heroine and the elements of her outside world: a road to the seaside, stops in the fields where the wind blows, a pub and a meeting with a friend, a short dialogue about her coming wedding, the same field under a storm that anticipates and then accompanies the emotional outbreak of the young woman.

A girl who is to be married soon, but before that, she takes a trip to the seaside together with her sister. The weather is good, then the weather is bad. The predictions, hypotheses and theories are solely the viewer’s. A movie to be watched in the Cinepub’s list of Romanian shorts online.


„Does a girl Andreea work here? I think we went to the same school and I heard she might work here.”
„I’m Andreea. But I don’t remember you. Oh, wait, there’s another Andreea, two of us.”

„You’re a married man, Marius. Aren’t you ashamed?”


  • International Film Festival NEXT – Bucharest 2016
  • Vienna Independent Shorts – Austria 2016
  • Dakino International Film Festival – Romania 2016