My Family, Briefly by Elena Borcea - CINEPUB

Director: Elena Borcea
Scriptwriter: Elena Borcea
Year: 2013
Category: documentary
Duration: 13 minute
Subtitles: English

3,884 – Cinepub viewers


Directed by a 16 year old teenager from Bârlad (Romania), the film is Elena’s attempt to discover the influence of The Factory (The Bârlad Bearing Factory) on the life of her family. The name of the Factory was constantly present in her home, which makes Elena realize that it was the main income source for the family.

However, times change and the name of the Factory is rarely mentioned by the father, who has already found a different job, and by the mother who found work in Italy a while ago. Elena takes advantage of her mother’s visit home for Christmas to find answers to questions that bother her.


  • Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner – France, 2013


  • Best Debut, Manifesto Film Festival – Romania, 2013
  • Best Debut of a Romanian Director, Astra Film Festival, Made in Romania section – Romania, 2013