When you see the world with different eyes.

We invite you to watch a short experimental film, „Occeli”, signed by Gerhard Dudu, after a short quote from „Poor Dionis”.

Ocelli - by Gerhard Dudu - CINEPUB & UNATC

Directed by: Gerhard Dudu
Distribution: Cristina Briciu, Sebastian Condurache, Mihnea Teodorescu
Script by: Gherhard Dudu, Ana Uluceanu
Production: UNATC Film
Sound: Alexandra Băbău
Year: 2015
Genre: short film animation
Duration: 5 minutes
Film presented with UNATC support

3,822 – Cinepub viewers


A fly seeks nutrition in a hostile world too big for its size.

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The short fim begins with a well-known quote from Mihai Eminescu’s „Poor Dionis”: „Who knows if we are not actually living in a microscopic world and only the nature of our eyes makes us see it the size we do? Nevertheless, born with thousands of eyes among colossal creatures, all keeping their proportions in relation to myself, they seem to me neither larger nor smaller than today”. Time and space doesn’t exist anymore, and the human pain is perceived by a fly in its microscopic world.


  • Visegrad Film Forum (5-9 april 2016), Bratislava