Some birds never come back.

„Olteanca” is a short documentary signed by João Pedro Borsani and presents a fresco of the Romanian village, Olteanca, where people live a peaceful life and are thinking about those who left the country and never came back.

Olteanca by João Pedro Borsani - Documentary film CINEPUB

Directed by: João Pedro Borsani
A production: IDEOgraph
Cinematography: João Pedro Borsani
Sound: João Pedro Borsani
Edited by: Luis Fernando Mendonca
Year: 2016
Genre: documentary
Duration: 19 minutes

23,248 – Cinepub viewers


Olteanca is a small rural village in Romania. Countryside’s life is quiet and time seems to pass slower than usual. Even slow, time still runs, and population is now old. Young people left the village not to come back anymore.

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João Pedro Borsani’s documentary reflects genuineness and authenticity. A number of talking heads – random villagers, who belong to the place – highlight the age of the village and, at the same time, their daily occupations. Although they have reached an honorable age, the villagers of Olteanca enjoy life as best as they can: with one eye they look at the animals, at the rich gardens, enjoying the beverage called „țuică” made in the autumn season, and with the other eye at their children who went to other countries for a better living. Many of them are aware that they will never come back, but hope this village will be able to receive young families in the future.


  • International Documentary Film Festival, Cronograf, Chișinău, 2017.