Film shot and produced during Aristoteles Workshop.

Quest by Ionut Piturescu - CINEPUB

Director: Ionuț Pițurescu
Executive Producer: Bogdan Pălici
Cinematography: Adrianna Dunin
Editor: Bogdan Pălici, Ionuț Pițurescu
Year: 2010
Category: short documentary
Duration: 32 minutes

8,072 – Cinepub viewers


Two nomad coopers, with a carriage for a house and a horse for a friend, fare from one village another, merrily striving to make ends meet. No cumbersome belongings, not even a watch, but they still have the time.

Misplaced and disregarded, with skills hardly needed anymore, they keep on looking for means and meanings, or the lack of them. In this marginal existence, that would make Zola exalt, there are touching reminiscences of a long forgotten time. What time is it, what time?


  • Transilvania International Film Festival, RoDays Shorts – Romania, 2010
  • Nominated for the Gopo Awards for Best Documentary – Romania, 2010


  • Grand Prize in Quinzaine des Realisateurs at Cannes Film Festival – France, 2010