Virgin bodybuilders and gangbangers

A short film presented at NexT International Film Festival, „Rabbit Meat”, directed by the well-known Gabriel Achim and written by the director himself in collaboration with Cosmin Manolache, tells the story of Edy, a shy bodybuilder who is trying to find a girlfriend.

Carne de iepure by Gabriel Achim - CINEPUB

Director: Gabriel Achim
Scriptwriters: Gabriel Achim, Cosmin Manolache
Cast: Bogdan Vodă, Cristi Balint, Silvana Mihai, Sebastian Angborn
Produced by: Gabriel Achim, Irina Malcea
Cinematography by: George Chiper-Lillemark
Editing by: Ștefan Tatu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2015
Duration: 15 minutes
Subtitles: English

51,148 – Cinepub viewers


A very special comedy about how strange friendships start and how they end.
Edy, a 40 years old bodybuilder, is trying to find a partner by means of a dating add. He relies on his good friend, Leo, a „boy from the hood” of the same age. Leo is supposed to manage the phone calls from possible partners, but especially help Edy overcome his shyness, which paralyses him completely when he is in the presence of a woman.

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Between the two main characters in the film there is a special kind of friendship. A bigot bodybuilder and a gang banger don’t seem to have much in common. And yet, Edy, the bodybuilder, is dependent on Leo, his friend, who is the „interface” in his relationships with women.

Leo minutely arranges a date for Edy who also prepares for it the way he knows best: doing countless of abs that help him with his extreme shyness when around women. Whether Leo’s efforts pay off is not at stake here.

What happens afterwards reshapes the friendship between the two in a way that gives the viewer some food for thought. A movie included by Cinepub in their list of Romanian shorts online.


„Dude, seriously. Are you really saying you never… untill now?”

„What, not event hat cashier chick from the supermarket? What did you call her… Rodica?”

„Some people don’t even get laid till they’re in their sixties. I saw on Discovery.Just kidding.”

„On Thursday, you get on that bus and you go to Plopeni.”

Rabbit meat’s an aphrodisiac, dummy, for potency…”


  • NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2015