The story of a village threatened by bears becomes an emblematic image of contemporary Romania, in which an ordinary man becomes an endangered species himself.

Directed by: Alin Duruian
Script by: Alin Duruian
Producer: UNATC
Cinematography by: Victor Acsani
Edited by: Rareș Lupu
Sound: Rareș Lupu
Year: 2020
Category: short film
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 22 minutes

9,013 – Cinepub viewers


In the village of Rucăr, people are dealing with the problem of the bears that come from the woods and damage their households.

More details:
Director Alin Duruian returns to Rucăr, his hometown, to explore a phenomenon affecting the locals: the increasing number of bears coming from the forests, destroying their households and putting their lives in danger. And what is there to do when ordinary people can’t take matters into their own hands without being punished by law, and environmental NGOs react vehemently to any proposal to kill or relocate the wild animals?

What critics say:

”A sensitive observational documentary that leaves you with a glimmer of hope that together we can overcome any obstacle and learn what it is like to live in balance together.” – Exercițiul18


  • Victor Iliu Award at CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival, 2020
  • Official selection at Astra International Film Festival, 2021
  • Oficial selection at the 68th Pula International Film Festival, 2021
  • Cinematic European Film Festival 2021
  • DocuArt Caravan 2021


  • The Bears – student film at Astra Film Festival 2021 –
  • The documentary about the bears from Rucăr was awarded at „CineMAiubit” –