A girl and a door are all you need for a thriller.

Screened at film festivals in Romania, Italy and Ireland, Suspense 101 is a special creation in the Romanian short films gallery. The film is a thriller by George Dorobanţu launched in 2012 starring Iulia Verdeş in the role of a young woman who wakes up in front of a closed door behind which strange noises can be heard.

Suspense 101 de George Dorobanțu

Director: George Dorobanțu
Scriptwriter: George Dorobanțu
Cast: Iulia Verdeș
Produced by: Alexandra M. Păun
Cinematography by: George Dorobanțu
Film editing by: George Dorobanțu
Category: short film
Genre: thriller
Year: 2012
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: –

9,123 – Cinepub viewers


A girl wakes up in an underground hallway, her back against a closed door. She is confused, she can barely move, and she hears strange noises behind the door. Whatever it’s out there, it’s coming in.

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George Dorobanțu seems interested in developing stories in closed spaces where the characters remain captive. While in his debut short film, „Elevator”, two young people remained captive in an elevator, in „Suspense 101” a girl finds herself in an underground hallway. The same Iulia Verdeș who played in „Elevator” plays here the part of the only one character in the short whose suspense raise gradually by the time passing.

The soundtrack play brings a crucial contribution to create suspense, through the noises that can be heard behind the door and that only leaves the viewer the option to imagine what might be on the other side. One of those very few Romanian shorts that explores this genre movie.


  • ANONIMUL International Film Festival – Romania, 2012
  • Con I MinutiContati International Film Festival – Italy, 2012
  • Dublin International Short Film Festival – Ireland, 2012

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